The World's Smallest version of World's Most Popular Puzzle!  Can you solve the Rubik's Cube? This tiny Rubik's Cube really works.  Just match the 6 colors on the 3/4" cube to solve this iconic puzzle.  With 43 quintillion combinations, ths cube can be solved in incredibly few moves.  Our tiny geniune Rubik's cube has a smooth and tough design with solid color tiles for fast play.  Buy the World's Smallest original Rubik's Cube at TinToyArcade!

Since 1974, friends and families have enjoyed this mind bending game of skill.  Emo Rubik invented his Magic Cube to help teach 3D concepts to his students in Hungary.

Type: One Small Classic Party Puzzle - 6 Color Cube and Stand Included
Category: Retro Family Games - For Children 6 and Up
Cube Size: 0.75" Cube 
Package: Clear Plastic Rubik's Cube Card - "Worl's Smallest Rubik's Cube” 

Aaron's Giggle Meter: 10+ of 10